OnlyFans Star Kayla Jade East Claims A Relative Found Her Account And Shared It With Her Family

svgJanuary 3, 2024NewsOnlyfans

Kayla Jade East, a highly successful OnlyFans star from Australia, made an astounding $1 million in her first year on the platform. Unfortunately, she has faced a heartbreaking situation where some of her own family members disowned her. This happened after someone within the family shared screenshots of her subscriber-only content in a family group chat.

“I was absolutely devastated. He could have just told them, but instead he sent them my nudes. Which is literally illegal,” Kayla shared in TikTok.

“I received a message from a close family member telling me that someone in my family subscribed to my page, screenshot all of my content and sent it to the family group chat.”

Kayla discovered this betrayal when another close family member reached out to inform her about the leak. Even when confronted, the person responsible refused to take responsibility for their actions. Despite the challenges, Kayla, now two years into her OnlyFans journey, acknowledges that her line of work would eventually be discovered by her friends and family. However, she believes that one would have to be quite nosy to stumble upon it.

Kayla, who has been on her OnlyFans journey for two years now, acknowledged that it was inevitable for her friends and family to discover her line of work. However, she humorously mentioned that ” you would have to be nosy to find it” As her popularity grew, her friends began to stumble upon her content, and eventually, her family did too. With nearly 200k Instagram followers and over 100k TikTok followers, Kayla’s online presence continues to expand.


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