Mads Lewis: TikTok Star Photos & Bio

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Birthday: December 24, 2002
Birthplace: United States 🇺🇸
Mads Lewis is a talented content creator and actress who has captivated over 12 million fans on TikTok with her incredible lip syncs and viral dance videos. You can find her on TikTok under the username mads.yo. She brilliantly portrays the character Birdie Kaye on the widely popular web series called Chicken Girls. Mads is also a proud member of the Just A House content collective. Not only does Mads have an amazing online presence, but she also has her own merchandise line through Fanjoy. You can find a variety of items featuring her branded JRYB slogan, which stands for “Just Remember You’re Beautiful.” It’s a powerful message that she spreads to her fans and followers. Did you know that Mads is actually a triplet? She shares this incredible bond with her sister Riley and her brother Dakota. They must have so many amazing memories together! Mads currently resides in sunny California, enjoying the beautiful weather and all the opportunities that come her way. In the past, Mads dated Jaden Hossler, but love takes its own course, and in 2022, she started dating Kevin Mejia. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last, and they decided to part ways in the same year. Relationships can be tough, but Mads is a strong and resilient individual. One of the highlights of Mads’ life was when she posted a photo with Hayden Yezak at Disney California Adventure in May of 2023. It must have been such a magical experience for her! Mads’ journey to fame began on TikTok when the app was still known as musical.ly. She quickly gained a following and her talent shone through. Apart from TikTok, Mads has also amassed over 6 million followers on Instagram. She shares glimpses of her daily life through captivating pictures. Additionally, she has her own YouTube channel where she showcases a wide range of videos, including makeup tutorials and fun challenges.

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